If you have selected a pre order item, you will receive an email once your product is ready to be delivered, picked up, or shipped.

Regarding Sweaters: This pre order option will be available for the FULL MONTH of October. We will be placing the order for the sweaters on November 1st. There is a FOUR week production time for the sweaters. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email stating your purchase has gone through. Once we receive the physical sweaters & have prepared them for delivery, pick up, or shipping, you will then receive a second email stating the item is on the way (if you have chosen pick up please read our pick up information located here: or in our shipping /local deliveries page located on the main menu)

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot guarantee any sort of time frame regarding pre orders as production times and shipping are beyond our control.

if you have any more questions or concerns regarding pre orders please contact us at